Tips on How to Include Fireworks into Your Bonfire

The fall season is the perfect time to host a backyard bonfire and enjoy the nice fall weather with family and friends. People love to bundle up around the fire telling stories, eating s’mores, and watching fireworks.

Bonfire 1.jpg

But before you invite your guests over, make sure to be prepared for the night:

  • Safety First

Make sure to clear a large space in your backyard for the bonfire and fireworks. bonfire-settingsYou want to have the bonfire and fireworks display away from each other and far enough away from your home and any wooded areas. It is also very important to use great care with fireworks
not being used that are in your vicinity. Cover unused fireworks or put them in a sealed container to prevent sparks from active fireworks or the bonfire inadvertently igniting the idle ones. If you do not have a bonfire pit, and you plan on creating your own pit make sure to build a fireproof barrier with bricks or rocks around the fire. Always keep a fire extinguisher close by.

  • Set-Up

You will need to set up additional lighting around the area of your bonfire. An easy way to add additional lighting is to wrap or hang string lights around the trunks of tress or bushes. bonfire-tree-lightsYou can also easily tie string glow sticks and then hang them from the trees. Not only will they provide extra light, but they will also create festive decor! If children will be attending your bonfire, provide them with glow necklaces and bracelets that will last the whole night! You can add LED candles or solar lights to make pathways to navigate around your bonfire. This will help your guests know exactly where to walk and avoid anyone from tripping or getting hurt in the dark.

You will want to make sure that you have enough seating for you guests. You want to make sure they will be comfortable and cozy throughout the night and during the fireworks display. Don’t forget to set out blankets and pillows so your guests can cuddle up and enjoy the crisp fall night.

  • Fall Themed Food and Sweets

 What’s a bonfire without the food and sweets?bonfire-food! Hot dogs and hamburgers are always the classic to cook on a stick over the fire, but don’t forget about a big pot of homemade chili that everyone will love.
It goes perfect with the fall season and it will be sure to warm everyone right up.

S’mores are another must have bonfire snack! Set up a s’mores station with the main ingredients along with some extra toppings that your guests will love. Caramel apples, pumpkin cupcakes and cookies are also fall festive desserts that that everyone will enjoy throughout the night.


  • Fireworks

 After your guests finish enjoying the food and sweets and are all cozy by the fire, start your fireworks display for them to enjoy!

But before planning and purchasing fireworks for your bonfire party, please make sure that you check out the laws in the state where your bonfire will take place. Unfortunately, not all fireworks are legal in each state and it’s important to be aware of the do’s and don’ts.

If you would like to use stationary fireworks for your display (bonfire-fountainsthose that stay on the ground
and don’t shoot up into the sky), fountains are what your looking for. These stationary fireworks will produce a magical fireworks show of color, crackle whistles and glitter from the ground up to 12 feet!

bonfire-500-gramIf interested in putting on an aerial fireworks display, then 200 & 500 Gram Repeaters are what you need. One fuse ignites long barrages of spectacular timed bursts with vivid colors and professional show style effects!


Another creative and cool product to use at your bonfire is a Rutland Rainbow Flame Crystals stick! Put one of the sticks into the fire after you are finished cooking your food and smore’s and then be amazed as the flames turn into blue, green and purple! You and your guests will enjoy the beautiful long-lasting colors throughout the bonfire!


  • Sparklers

sparklers-ideaSparklers provide fun for all ages! bonfire-sparklersSet up a sparkler station where your guests can enjoy lighting sparklers with each other. Sparklers also make great photo opportunities when it’s dark out. Before lighting off the sparklers make sure that you and your guests are aware of the proper safety rules. Also, always remember that children should never handle sparklers alone and adult supervision is a must.

Phantom Fireworks is proud to carry the biggest and best fireworks with the greatest deals! Phantom Fireworks also carries special fall and Halloween themed fireworks to go along with the season and your bonfire party.


Founded over 40 years ago, Phantom Fireworks, headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio, is America’s premier consumer fireworks retailer.  Phantom operates over 75 permanent, full-line consumer fireworks showrooms in 17 states, along with over 1,200 temporary sales locations in 18 states. Phantom has built a reputation for quality, value and selection that has set the standard in the consumer fireworks industry. Phantom®, Wolf Pack® and Grucci® brand products are known and appreciated by fireworks enthusiasts from coast to coast.

So enjoy the fall weather before it’s too late! Gather friends and family to make      memories that will last a lifetime. For more tips and ideas on planning a bonfire party along with fireworks, check out our website and our Pinterest page at and follow our Fall and Halloween, Sparkler Art, and fireworks boards.









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