Ring in 2017 with a Bang!

New Year’s Eve is all about saying goodbye to the old and ringing in the new! And what better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve than with Fireworks?!

NYE Blog 13.jpg

That being said, we want you to celebrate 2017 with a bang! Below we have put together a list of ideas for NYE fireworks, party décor and more! We’ve got you covered when it comes to the best New Year’s Eve fireworks, so it’s time to start planning your celebration.

Light up the night and ring in 2017 with Phantom Fireworks! Fireworks have been a tradition over the years to celebrate the New Year. Many cities and states will be having some sort of display, but you can set off your own fireworks display for you and your guests to ring in the New Year with a BANG! (Just make sure to check your local laws first).

NYE Blog 16.jpgIf you are planning on having a fireworks display for your guests make sure to consider including our 500 and 200 Gram Repeaters, Aerial Tubes and Finale Racks, Reloadable Mortar Kits, Assortments, Fountains, Roman Candles, Rockets and Missiles and Reloadable Racks all which can be found online and purchased in our showrooms.
If you are interested in using some of our smaller fireworks products, we have a variety of items that you can choose from. Our list includes fountains, firecrackers, Aerial Spinners, Ground Spinners, Sparklers, Smoke and Snakes, Parachutes, Wheels and special New Year’s Eve party kits!
Below we have included some of our unique New Year’s Eve celebrations items.

When the clock strikes Midnight make sure to have your party poppers ready to celebrate 2017!NYE Blog 11.png

Start the New Year off right! Let go one of our sky lanterns while making your New Year’s resolution.NYE Blog 12.jpg
Create New Year’s Eve sparkler art as part of your celebration!
NYE Blog 15.jpg

Make sure all of your guests celebrate New Year’s Eve in Style with party hats, tiaras, horns, leis, and party streamers which can all be found in our Midnight Magic party kit for 8 people!NYE Blog 17.jpg
Countdown to 2017 with party hats, horns, leis, noise makers, masks, and confetti which can all be found in our Countdown party kit for 8 people!

If you also plan on hosting a New Year’s Eve party, turn it into a fireworks inspired New Year’s Eve party! Below we have include some ideas on New Year’s Eve and fireworks related party décor.

Party Décor

Spruce up your party and add sparkle wherever you can. Festive New Year’s Eve party décor always gets guests into the spirit of celebrating the night. Guests love the little touches on party décor, so don’t be afraid to go above and beyond the expectations!
• Decorate your tables and the parn1.jpgty venue with fireworks inspired balloons!
Light up the night with glow in the dark party items! Guests will love to use and wear them throughout the evening! Glow items can also be purchased in our showrooms.

NYE Blog 4.jpg

DIY New Year’s Eve and fireworks backdrops make the best photo opportunities during your party. Just make sure you don’t forget the photo props!

Brighten up the night with LED party balloons that come in a variety of colors and can be found in our showrooms. NYE Blog 6.jpg
Once the fireworks and party décor is taken care of make sure to provide some activites for children to participate in if they will be attending. Below we have included some fireworks inspired crafts that the children will have a blast making!
Fireworks Inspired Crafts

Children will love to show off their sparkly firework burst rings made out of pipe cleaners!

While the adults use the real sparklers, the children can use their handmade sparklers to celebrate New Year’s Eve!NYE Blog 10.jpg

We, here at Phantom Fireworks are proud to be part of the New Year’s Eve tradition. Phantom has built a reputation for a great holiday, value and selection of consumer fireworks. So with that being said, ring in 2017 with a bang with family and friends! For more tips and ideas on celebrating your New Year’s Eve with fireworks, check out our website www.fireworks.com and our Pinterest page at https:/www.pinterest.com/fireworksdotcom/ and follow our Light Up The New Year board for more ideas and tips!

Happy Near Year!!!

– Phantom Fireworks


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