Fireworks for the Big Game!

Fireworks are perfect for your game day watch party, touchdowns and end of game celebration!

Phantom Fireworks has a large variety of fireworks so you can cheer on Atlanta or New England with fireworks that support the team’s colors! SB1.jpgCheck out the list below to learn how you can create your game day fireworks display for either Atlanta or New England.
If you are cheering for the Atlanta, consider using these fireworks for your celebration.
500 Gram Repeaters
Big Red One – Big Red One has a variety of effects. BeginSB2.pngning with bright, cardinal red brocades with shining stars and silver crackling strobes. Green strobes lead into an awesome panoramic red crackling finale!

G-127.png Red Flash Reactor – Beautiful red brocades with red glitter tails along with large palm breaks.

Critical Blast – This 500 gram features 12 gigantic breaks. Red brocades with strobing tips and large palm tree breaks with crackling tips.

200 Gram Repeaters

g-313Fiery Falcons – This 200 gram repeater includes unique high-rising fiery comets that turn into aerial spinners and culminate in amazingly briSB3.pnglliant bursts.

Falcon Rising – Super crackling color bursts with finale barrage. Crackling dragon tail to multi-color bouquet with quickened final 10 shots.

• War Birds – Amazing height, color, and break size. Bursts of red, green, blue, silver and silver glitter all to crackling flowers. Giant finale.

Aerial Tubes and Finale Racks
Red Wave/ Silver Peony – Powerful lift. Shell ascends high into the air and opens to a SB4.pnggigantic mix of red peony stars and silver trails.

Round Red Dahlia – This single aerial tube includes huge break featuring brilliant red color in a floral pattern.

Thermobaric Warheads – This finale rack includes high-altitude, large diameter bursts feature multi-colored effects in red, silver, green, purple and gold with tons of glittering stars and loud crackles.

Double Take Finale Rack – Entertain the crowd with a big flourish! Double-break rack has high-flying and brilliant colors that explode into a variety of peony effects with glitter centers and a colorful crackling barrage finish.

Reloadable Mortar Kits
sb6Cherry Bomb – This brand mortar kit features multiple colors and break patterns. Loads of fun!

Firecracker Fountain – Extra-loud crackling barrage that sounds like a strip of firecrackers. Intense long-lasting finish.

Flying Stars (No Noise) – Brilliantly colorful stars race away from the spray in this “no-noise” fountain. This one is all visual!sb8

Phantom Crown Jewel – White flower with color pearl, color fountain crackle. Gold fountain, crackle with red pearl. 500 Grams of EXTREME sparkle fountain.

If you are cheering for the New England, consider using these fireworks for your celebration.
500 Gram RepeatersG-280.png
Red, White and Boom! –15 shot multi-level repeater
featuring crackling mines with blue bouquet and assorted upper level red brocade, silver crackle with blue and silver crackle with red performance.


Live Free or Die! – Very vibrant mines lead to large panoramic effects including bright blue fish, large crackling brocades and brilliant strobing large willows.

Let Freedom Rings – This 500 gram repeater includes beautiful rings of blue, green and gold brocade bursts that light up the sky followed with a grand silver strobe finale.

200 Gram Repeaters
Boston Tea Party – Beautiful red and green pearls burst into peony breaks with lovely alternating blue and yellow willows.sb10

Wicked Pissa – This 200 gram repeater includes rapid fire brilliant color star bursts to gold brocade crowns with a crackling willow finale.

Neath’ The Red White and Blue – Patriotic red dahlia breaks with blue tips and bright strobing blue and white centers!

Aerial Tubes and Finale Racks
Sea Blue – This single shot aerial tube has high-altitude, stunning burst with beautiful sea-blue color.SB11.png

Red, White, and Blue – Perfect for your next 4th of July celebration! Powerful patriotic high-altitude burst of red, white and blue.

9 Shot Palm Tree Finale – Spectacular 2-inch nine shot rack featuring 5 dual color breaks followed by 2 double volleys of enormous crackling palm trees.sb12

 Red, White and Blue Finale – Timed bursts feature America’s colors and a spectacular crackling finale. Big 3-inch core gives great height.

Reloadable Mortar Kits
Red, White and Blue Aerial Shell Show sb13– Our All-American shell kit with assorted effects featured in patriotic red, white, and blue.
• Patriotic Powerblast – sb14White pine and silver crackling with colored stars followed by 4 stage whistles, golden pine with blue, vivid gold crackling ending interspersed with 3 crackling balls.

Light of Liberty Fountain – This fountain includes white pine and silver crackling with colored stars followed by 4 stage whistles, golden pine with blue, vivid gold crackling ending interspersed with 3 crackling balls.

Mortar Load Fountain – A reloadable mortar for six great performances with showers of glitter, pearls and crackle.

If you are interested in using some of our smaller fireworks products, we also have a variety of items that you can choose from. Our list includes Fountains, Firecrackers, Aerial Spinners, Ground Spinners, Sparklers, Sky Lanterns, Smoke and Snakes, Parachutes, and Wheels.
Also, don’t forget to visit Fireworks University on for safety videos and tips before lighting off fireworks as well as checking with your local laws before purchasing or lighting off fireworks
So whichever team you are cheering for make sure to visit a showroom near you to purchase your game day fireworks!
– Phantom Fireworks



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