How Do Fireworks Get Their Color?

Have you ever wondered how fireworks get their pretty colors while watching a fireworks display? Fireworks have come a long way since they were first created, especially when it comes to the variety of colors they now have.

Color 1

Believe it or not orange and white were the only two fireworks colors up until the Middle Ages. Nowadays bursts of red, yellow, green, blue, and purple light up the sky. All those pretty colors you see in the sky are created by metal salts.
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Pyrofest: America’s Largest Fireworks Festival

America’s most spectacular fireworks festival is set to light up the sky with Fireworks, Fun, and Festivities!


PyroFest, America’s Largest Fireworks Festival, is nothing like you have seen before! If you have attended PyroFest before you know exactly what we are talking about and if you haven’t this is the year to change just that.

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Make Money with Phantom Fireworks

Phantom Fireworks has the Perfect Opportunity for you!


Looking for a way to make some EXTRA CASH while having fun? The 4th of July is right around the corner and pretty soon Fireworks tents will be popping up all over. There are great opportunities to make money by both selling Phantom Fireworks and providing space from which Phantom Fireworks are sold. Phantom Fireworks provides EVERYTHING necessary for a successful fundraiser.  Continue reading “Make Money with Phantom Fireworks”

10 Tips on How to Keep your Pets Safe during Fireworks



Fireworks bring a happy sensation to our eyes and ears, but unfortunately it’s not the same for our animal friends.We sometimes forget the impact that it has on them and how they require special attention to minimize that impact.

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How to take Great Fireworks Pictures

Did you ever really see an amazing fireworks display if you didn’t post an Instagram picture to prove it?


We can probably bet that we have all successfully failed at attempting to capture fireworks photos one or twice (maybe every time to be honest).

In today’s technology society, the majority of people who take pictures use their smartphone (Does anyone remember when there was no such thing as a camera phone?)

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The 411 on Fireworks

Phantom Fireworks

Phantom FireworksHello there everyone!

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